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ItemPrice Each
Brix Extra Dark Chocolate 227g $19.99
Specifically formulated to pair with the deepest red wines, it has a very high cocoa content and can stand up to the massive tannins found... more info
Brix Medium Dark Chocolate 227g $19.99
While its cocoa content is high, it remains sedate enough to enhance the fruit forward wines it was designed to accompany making it the most... more info
Brix Milk Chocolate 227g $19.99
Chocolate designed for the lighter reds and dessert wines. The use of highest quality milk chocolate results in a taste like no other; both creamy... more info
Brix Smooth Dark Chocolate 227g $19.99
So smooth and rich it pairs beautifully with Champagne, Riesling, new world Pinot Noir and aged Vintage Port.

... more info
Burger Rings 45g$2.00
Cadbury Bubbly peppermint 40g$1.99
Cadbury Flake Dipped 45g$2.50
Cadbury Flat Bar Box 15gm$46.99
Cadbury Hazelnut 100g$4.40
Cheezels 110g $3.00
 ... more info
Cocoa Blk Mango,Lime,Chille 100g $6.00
 ... more info
Cocoa Blk Pinot 100g $7.00
Sold Out
... more info
Cocoa Drops Shz 100g $7.00
Sold Out
... more info
Doritos 230g Chs Supreme$4.20
Doritos 230g Mexican $4.20
.... more info
Doritos 230g Nacho Chs $4.20
.... more info
Doritos 230g Original $4.20
.... more info
Doritos Salsa Hot$3.90
Doritos Salsa Medium$3.90
Doritos Salsa Mild$3.90
Ferrero Rocher Mini 60g$3.99
Kettle Chilli 50g$2.00
Kettle Honey Baked Ham 45g$2.00
Kettle Original Salt 45g$2.00
Miko Coconut Crispy Peas 140g $3.75
 Sold Out... more info
Miko Wasabi Crispy Peas 140g$3.75
Nobbys Salted Beer Nuts 50g$1.99
Nobbys Salted Cashews 50g$3.20
Nobbys Salted Peanuts 50g$1.99
Nobbys Spicy BBQ Pork Crackle 25g$2.25
Nutty Cashews 150g$5.95
Nutty Macadamin 150g$5.95
Nutty Pistacios 150g$4.95
Nutty Pub Mix 150g$3.50
Parkers Pretzels 225g$4.99
Poppa Porkys Pork Crackle 25g $2.50
 ... more info
Red Rock Varieties 165g $5.40
 ... more info
Red Rock Varieties 90g $3.20
.... more info
Smiths Crinkle Cut Varieties 175g $4.40
.... more info
Smiths Crinkle Cut Varieties 90g $2.80
.... more info
Solano Chocolate/Caramel 43g$1.35
Solano Wicked Mango 43g$1.35
Solano Wicked Strawberry 43g$1.35
Territory Flamin Hot Jerky 25g $4.99
 ... more info
Territory Hot Jerky 25g $4.99
 ... more info
Thins Original 175g$3.50
TicTacs Peppermint 20g$1.50
Twisties Cheese 100g$2.30
Twisties Chicken 100g$2.30

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