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Arras Chardonnay/Pinot Noir 2001 $62.99  $718.09
Sold Out
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Arras Grand Vintage 2003 $63.99  $729.48
Sold Out  The Arras Grand Vintage is a wine of outstanding quality, enriched by the great complexity of character that follows five years tirage. Crystal clear with... more info  
Arras Grand Vintage 2004 $71.99  $820.68
 sold out ... more info  
Baby Astoria Lounge Vino Spumante Brut 200ml/ Case $179.99       
.sold out... more info  
Blue Pyreenes Vintage Brut 2007 $31.99  $345.49
Sold Out Brilliant straw yellow with a green hue. Aroma: The complex aromas of toast, freshly baked biscuits and nougat are evidence of extended aging on... more info  
Blue Pyrnees Midnight Cuvee 2002 $35.99  $410.29
Sold Out
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Blue Pyrnees Midnight Cuvee 2004 $35.99  $410.28
Sold Out In 1992, the team at Blue Pyrenees decided to experiment with hand picking fruit in the middle of the night, under floodlights, to optimize... more info  
Chandon Cuvee Riche Non Vintage $35.79  $408.01
Modelled on the French Champagne style ‘doux’ the Chandon Cuvée Riche is generous, opulent and enticing with a refreshingly crisp finish. The Australian Wine Companion 2010... more info  
Chandon Non Vintage Brut $30.99  $353.28
A chardonnay led méthode traditionnelle sparkling wine, the Chandon Brut is crafted to create a fresh and elegant aperitif style wine, with a soft, generous... more info  
Chandon Vintage Brut$37.99  $433.08
Chandon Vintage Brut 2008 $37.99  $433.08
The 2008 Chandon Vintage Brut appeals visually with a vibrant light straw hue. At first aromas of brioche and roasted almonds are revealed from the... more info  
Chandon Z.D. Blanc de Blanc 2005 $37.99  $433.08
Sold Out This bone dry Chardonnay sparkling style is refreshingly crisp and elegant. It is a true aperitif style. The aromas are fresh and restrained with vibrant... more info  
Chandon Z.D. Blanc de Blanc 2006 $37.99  $433.08
A bone dry apéritif-style sparkling wine made without the traditional disgorging liqueur (zero dosage). Composed of 100% Chardonnay, the wine is elegant and balanced extending... more info  
Cloudy Bay Pelorus Non Vintage $36.99  $387.49
sold out. Pelorus NV remains on lees for two years prior to disgorging. Pelorus NV is a chardonnay-predominant blend of selected vintages. It is a fresh, aperitif... more info  
Clover Hill Vintage Brut 2006 $44.99  $512.88
Sold Out
... more info
Clover Hill Vintage Brut 2007 $53.99  $583.09
sold out.  It has an attractive pale straw colour with a green hue. The wine is showing a fine bead and persitent mousse. The bouquet displays... more info  
Deutz Brut Non Vintage $27.99  $319.08
Strength without force. Power with passion. Absolute joie de vivre. This is a fabulous wine, with a beautiful body balanced between the gentle sweetness of... more info  
Deutz brut Non Vintage 200ml case$181.99       
Edinburgh Palace by Phillip Shaw $33.99  $367.09
This is a first-release sparkling from this impressive central-NSW producer. After a year in barrel and another in the bottle, it is topped with a... more info  
Grandin Brut Non Vintage $21.99  $250.69
Since 1886, Grandin has produced an excellent quality sparkling wine from the Loire Valley, home to the world's finest sparkling wines. At a reasonable price,... more info  
Grandin Brut Non Vintage 200ml case$119.99       
Guerrieli Rizzardi Proseccco N/V $23.99  $269.89
 Prosecco has been a well known wine for several centuries, even the Romans recorded their enjoyment of the wine. However, it was not until after... more info  
Henkell Troken Dry Sec 200ml case$99.99       
Henkell Troken Dry Sec 750ml $17.99  $170.89
In 1832, Adam Henkell (1801-66) established himself as a wine merchant in Mainz, thus laying the cornerstone of today's company, Henkell & Söhnlein. With the... more info  
Jacobs Creek Brut Cuvee $13.99  $159.49
This Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir is a premium bottled fermented wine made from selected Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes, displaying classic citrus flavours with a... more info  
Jansz Non Vintage $26.99  $307.69
Tasmania is renowned as Australia’s home of great quality sparkling wine. The Jansz Tasmania Non Vintage Premium Cuvée is made from grapes grown on multiple... more info  
Killawarra Klassic Brut $11.99  $136.69
The Killawarra winemakers aim to produce Australian sparkling wines which are consistent each year and ensure that the wines do not differ greatly from vintage... more info  
Killawarra Klassic Brut 200ml case$89.99       
LaCache Sparkling 2006 $42.99  $490.08
 With 27 years of sparkling wine experience, winemaker Harold Osborne "H" practices the best of the old world techniques and new world technology in Margaret... more info  
LaCache Sparkling 2007 $34.99  $377.89
 Hailing from the Margaret River in W.A, it's a blend of chardonnay and pinot noir made in a more voluptuous style. The nose shows ripe... more info  
LaCache Sparkling 2008 $37.99  $433.08
Fine integration of incisive fruit flavours with characteristic 'toasty' yeast, a full creamy palate and a lively well-entrained mousse.

... more info
Lana Prosecco 2011 $28.99  $313.09
... more info  
Larry Cherubino Ad Hoc Chardonnay Pinot Noir N/V $23.49  $253.69

Beautifuly balanced citrus notes and yeastiness. Long clean finish.

... more info
Ninth Island Sparkling Non Vintage $27.99  $319.08
Introduction:  Ninth Island, although often shrouded by ocean mists, is visible from our vineyards in northern Tasmania. The island name is used for our range... more info  
Petaluma Croser 2006 $40.99  $467.28
 A very pale, light straw colour, this has a very light, subtle nose of green apple with some a splash of oats. Its a very... more info  
Petaluma Croser 2007 $40.99  $467.28
During the 2007 growing season, climatic factors contributed to an earlier budburst in the now 25 year old Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines by three weeks. The... more info  
Petaluma Croser 2008 $40.99  $467.28
There’s one sparkling that stands tall above all others as a benchmark style and that’s Croser. Developed by master winemaker Brian Croser back in the... more info  
Pizzini Prosecco 2013 $23.99  $273.48
Sold Out  Initial aromas include yeasty and melon notes, as the wine opens up in the glass the nose has smacks of citrus blossom, fresh lime,... more info  
Pizzini Prosecco 2014 $23.99  $273.48
 nitial aromas include yeasty and melon notes, as the wine opens up in the glass the nose has smacks of citrus blossom, fresh lime, Wisteria... more info  
Rococo Sparkling N/V $24.99  $284.88
Appearance is a pale colour with green tinges.Bouquet shows subtle biscuit-like aromas with citrus and white pear characters.The palate has a soft creamy textured length... more info  
Seaview Brut Non Vintage$8.59  $97.93
Spring Vale Salute Spakling 2008 $31.99  $364.68
Classic Tassie fizz - aromas of green apple and citrus pith. Creamy texture, fine bead, dryish finish and great length of flavour.

Sold Out
... more info
Spring Vale Salute Sparkling 2011 $32.99  $376.08
Copy  and Paste the link below to watch this You Tube video :-)


Sold Out
... more info
Spring Vale Salute Sparkling 2012 $32.99  $376.08
Click on you tube link below and watch for full tasting.

 www.youtube.com/watch?v=HDmmCAPQ7Ms... more info
Trilogy Brut$15.99  $182.29
Yarra Burn Brut 2007 $29.99  $341.89
A polished vintage Sparkling that shows attrubutes of all component grapes - Pinot Noir adds wild red fruits and palate flesh, Chardonnay some stone fruits... more info  
Yarra Burn Cuvee Brut $16.99  $96.84
Yarra Burn Sparkling Premium Cuvée is blended from select parcels of classic sparkling varieties sourced from premium Victorian vineyards. A pre-dominance of cool-climate... more info  
Yarrabank Creme de Cuvee NV $34.99  $398.88
A cépage of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, in almost equal measure, tipped slightly towards the masculinity and dominance of the weightier Pinot Noir, rich with... more info  
Yarrabank Cuvee 2002$35.99  $410.29
Yarrabank Cuvee 2008 $36.99  $399.49
 The 2008 Yarrabank Cuvee Brut Sparkling is produced through a joint venture between Champagne Veuve A. Devaux and the highly regarded Yering Station. Made using... more info  
Yarrabank Cuvee 2009 $40.99  $442.69
 Grapes picked at optimal ripeness with a balance of intense natural acidity and tight focused flavours.  Grapes are gently pressed to retain freshness and purity.   Only... more info  
Yellowglen Perle 2005 $27.99  $319.09
A multi gold medal winning flagship wine boasting an illustrious lineage of vintages. Vintage Perle is the gem in the Yellowglen portfolio, the result of... more info  
Yellowglen Bella Vintage 2007$18.99  $216.49
Yellowglen Jewel Yellow N/V 200ml Case $89.99       
Jewel Yellow is a shining star on the scene. With 30% fewer calories and 40% less alcohol than Yellow*, it´s a lighter alternative for people... more info  
Yellowglen Pink 750ml$12.99  $148.09
Yellowglen Pinot Noir/Chardonnay Brut 2008 $17.49  $199.39
Yellowglen Vintage Pinot Noir Chardonnay is full flavoured, complex and well structured yet elegant and creamy in the mouth. It has a crisp and dry... more info  
Yellowglen Yellow 200ml case$89.99       
Yellowglen Yellow 750ml $13.99  $159.49
 ... more info  

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