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Yeh yeh yeh...

Once again I'm putting my peanut to work!!!!

I'm getting hungry. its been awhile since my last meal as you can see. I guess we will attempt to engage you, the punter, and try to put on another feast with wine, food and good company.

                                 KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN HERE
 If anyone has any preference on wine or date please drop us a line.

                             THIS WAS THE LAST SUPPER.........IT WENT DOWN A TREAT!
                                the date is -        TUESDAY, 28th OCTOBER.
                                the time is -        19.00 hrs, or 7pm
                                the wine is -       CHARLES MELTON, from Barossa
                                the guest is -     CHARLIE MELTON
                                the place is -     DONOVANS, on Jacka Boulevard in St Kilda.
                                the cost is -        $ 130.00 per person

For all those that have replied with an e-mail address I will be confirming the cost and details which will be mailed out shortly. Those that reply in the affirmative and make payment will BE IN.

There is only a limited amount of places so don't be shy, make sure you reserve your place.

If you would like to be there and have not sent your details you can do so by contacting me on info@rscwines.com.au  and we will send you an invite.

if you would like to be informed of  upcoming events, such as-:
                              - Wine Dinners
                              - Weekly Tastings
                              - Wines of the Month
let us know and we will be more than happy to keep you in the loop.

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